Elise Wien

Meet the film team responsible for staging the Apollo 11 moon landing. Or at least, partially responsible—until their lead actor Neil was whisked away at the last minute when NASA decided to go in a different direction. Now, director Sylvia and her crew are being held prisoner in a classified warehouse in the middle of nowhere America, with nothing to do but make a documentary about their thwarted attempt at creating the footage that would inspire the world. Craters is an exercise in fact-finding, (re)enactment, and the power of simulation.

Development History

Reading at Pete’s Candy Store - Brooklyn, NY - 2018
Reading as part of Corkscrew Theater Festival - Manhattan, NY - 2018
Reading as part of Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival - Hanover, NH - 2017

A Passover Seder in Columbia, S.C. in 1869. A Cohen family reunion, a couple of runaways, light mutiny, and a whole lotta boat law. Third Night looks at the ways ritual is like theater (and vice-versa), the manifold meanings of exodus, and the cognitive disconnect of celebrating freedom in troubled times.  


Reading at the Hopkins Center for the Arts - Hanover, NH - 2017

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Two teams face off in the BallBall Regional Finals. The Game seeks to explore—and transgresses—the lines between performance, sport, and ritual. At what point does a sport become an art? And at what point can an art resemble a boxing match? A meditation on doping, playbooks, commentators, training, and the supernatural.


Production in a set of squash courts @ Dartmouth's Berry Sports Center - Hanover, NH - 2016


A tale of two tapeworms. Good Clean Holesome looks at the interior and exterior lives of the women involved in Salt Lake City's underground organ-harvesting ring—their roles in systems of commerce, their opinions on bird-watching, and their adventures following an accidental appendectomy. Premiered at the 2016 Frost & Dodd Play Festival at the Hopkins Center in Hanover, NH.


Production as part of Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival - Hanover, NH - 2016


The Rosenbaum twins find themselves stranded on a deserted island with Meri, the Papua New Guinean subject of their parents' study. A look at the racial troubles of anthropology, the fault-lines of geography, and the appetites of two twins faced with the bodies of their parents. 


Production as part of Frost & Dodd Student Play Festival - Hanover, NH - 2015